A fun must-have accessory brand started in 1999 by Maryam & Daren Bonar

This Anglo-Moroccan company focuses on high end accessories blending North African art with modern fashionable ideas. The core of the brand lies in the hand made aspect.

There was a great potential in the skill and workmanship that we saw, yet we felt it had to be fused with another mind set. There was a large gap between what our clientele wanted, and what was being produced in Morocco. 'Why not mix the best of what both worlds had to offer'?. 

We employ local artisans in our factory and also work with women's groups in and around Marrakesh. A philosophy with the brand is to give back to the community and to try and keep alive hand made methods that have been used in Morocco for centuries. Women are given work in villages in and around the city who sometimes would not be able to work due to the nature of their circumstances. We also work with materials that are recycled and all the leather that we use is naturally vegetable dyed. 

All our pieces are hand made to order. We create a collection each season yet you can customise any of the items we design. Changing colours and materials can theoretically give you a unique identity within the brand. 'You can carry something that nobody else does'. There are  very few brands offering this kind of couture service.

                                                        Made for you!


We started this shopping site as we have so many requests for bags that clients have seen from previous seasons which are no longer available. This is generally the case as stores tend to carry the current collection each season.

Here you will be able to browse pieces from over the last 18 years, and they will always be available as we will make the item for you by hand to your specifications.

We hope you will have as much fun going through our collections and wearing them as we have had making them.