Yves Saint Laurent Museum

Created by Studio KO architects, the Saint Laurent museum in Marrakech is designed to reflect the curves of the designer’s work. It features Moroccan stone and architecture that lends itself to the hot climate. Of course, with the iconic logo at the centre of things, there’s never any doubt of the focus of this museum. Designed by Adolphe Mouron Cassandre in 1961, the elegant swirls of the logo has taken the Yves Saint Laurent brand around the world. Marrakech is its latest stop.

Saint Laurent’s love of Morocco has been well-documented. The designer first visited the country in the 60s, and bought a house in Marrakech in 1966 with his then-partner Pierre Bergé. It was soon the location of holidays for the duo and their fabulous friends. 

In the 70s, Saint Laurent and Berge bought a bigger house in Marrakech, Villa Oasis, which was connected to the Jardin Majorelle. The duo renovated the grounds and the site later became a museum. The bright blue finish of the house and the wild plants in the garden have enchanted visitors ever since. The designer’s memorial is in the grounds, and the street the house is on was renamed Rue Yves Saint Laurent in his honour.

Saint Laurent was known for his use of bold colour and ability to bring trends of the street to the catwalk. There will be 5,000 pieces of clothing and 15,000 accessories across the Morocco and Paris museums.  The elegant lines of high fashion in life and work – can be found working between the two.

If you are in Marrakech we highly recommend that you pay a visit.